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Greater Than Addiction

In the crucible of life's fiery trials,

A tale unfolds, where Doug compiles,

Close friends now echoes, whispers in the wind,

Their absence fuels the fire that lies within.

A youth of revelry, wild and untamed,

In shadows and neon lights, he found his name,

With each wild night and dawn's cold kiss,

He danced on the edge, unswayed by abyss.

From brawls to whispered secrets shared at dawn,

He etched his story, a symphony born,

A tapestry woven with threads both dark and gold,

In every wild escapade, a story to be told.

Not a regret for the paths he chose,

For amidst the chaos, his spirit arose,

A beacon of hope, a foundation to be laid,

In the heart of darkness, a legacy displayed.

The past may be checkered, a canvas of extremes,

Yet from it, Doug pulls forth his wildest dreams,

Greater Than Addiction, a promise to endure,

To mend the broken, make the wounded pure.

In the face of skeptics, he stands strong and tall,

Their doubts and whispers, he'll let them fall,

For the ones who stood by, their hearts aligned,

Together they'll prove, they are the grand design.

Now on the cusp of a global bloom,

GTAF will rise, dispelling the gloom,

The legacy of doubters, a faint and distant sound,

As Doug and his warriors stand firm on higher ground.

For in Doug's beating heart, a phoenix unfurled,

A testament to the strength of this world,

That we are Greater, boundless in our might,

Than Addiction's chains, we'll conquer the night.

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